With the internet expanding and electronic data sharing from known and unknown sources, antivirus coverage has become a basic norm to protect valuable IT assets.  Unfortunately, threats pose by malware is anything but basic and normal.  Internet threats emerge in different forms and attacks your network from different angles.   This posed a major challenge to businesses running antivirus programs that do not possess the adequate tools to thwart or mediate attacks.  Further, as business endpoints and servers increase in quantity the ability to manage security can be an arduous task.   

At ISDefender we emphasize 5 key necessities to endpoint security that is often overlooked by vendors. 

5 key necessities to endpoint security:

  Functional central management consoles that is easy to use and can perform dynamically to prevent and protect under instant attack. 
  Multi-engine approach toward antivirus scanning that encompass nearly all classifications of malware (virus, spyware, trojans, worms, jokes, phishing, pharming, root-kits and etc.)
  Consistent malware updates that do not slow down systems or create network bottlenecks.
  Reliable vendor support when it matters the most to you and your business.   
  Educating users on technology tools such as email, applications and etc. 

ISDefender has partnered with key security vendors to offer next generation Antivirus solutions and deliver the latest protection for blended threats originating from inside and outside of your network.  Call or email us today for immediate assistance! 


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