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  Desktops & Servers


At ISDefender we take desktop and server management seriously. We offer several cost effective management solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to maintain. In todays technology environment there are blended threats in all shapes and sizes not only exploiting your network from the outside in, but it is often times from the inside out. Our solutions detect, isolate and report those malicous instances to keep your company running seamlessly day in and day out.

Most IT groups spend their days managing day to day anomalies with their servers and desktops. Much of it is preventable and easy to manage. ISDefender can show you how with our robust management solutions.

  Our Solutions: Benefits:
        Anti-Virus Anti-Spam   Centralized management Improve productivity
        Anti-Spyware Client Firewalls   Centralized remote deployment Secured company and employee data
        Anti-Adware Systems Management   Schedule automatic updates Zero day virus protection
        Spyware Removal Application Security   Cost effective security solutions    
        Application Control Application White List          


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