Email Security

Email security has evolved into a mission critical component of every company’s technology plan. With confidential information moving both inbound and outbound through your email system, it is vital to secure it from various blended threats that exist on the internet.

Some of the many blended email security threats you must be aware of in order to begin defending your email systems are:

  Email Spoofing
  Denial Of Service Attacks
  Malformed SMTP Packets
  Email Phishing
  Image SPAM
  Attached Executables

ISDefender offers intelligent Email security solutions to assist in real time scanning of inbound/outbound mail exchanges. Some of the methods we use to control access to and from your Email system are listed below:

  Realtime Black Lists(RBL)
  Sender Policy Framework(SPF)
  Deep content inspection
  Email Antivirus scanning
  Directory Harvest Detection
  Intelligent logic rules to fine tune the security solution for your environment

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