Our Customers


Corporate: ISDefender offers unbiased security solutions based on your corporations technical or business needs. We understand that in the corporate environment business continuity of mission critical systems is a top priority. We are heavily experienced working in the corporate environment and can offer a variety of robust, highly available solutions to meet your business needs

Academic: ISDefender offers the same great service and the same great solutions to academic institutions at preferred discount pricing. We understand the dynamics of the academic organization and realize budget is a major concern within it.

Federal & State: ISDefender works with many federal and state agencies to provide top notch security solutions with preferred pricing. We understand the complexity of governmental networks and realize that every organization is different. Off the shelf solutions rarely meet all of your business needs out of the box and will generally require customization to get maxmium efficiencies out of the solution. Let one of our product specialists architect a custom solution specific to your business and technical needs.



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