Spyware Removal

For computers without adequate protection, spyware is probably the biggest problem facing end users every time they log on.  Spyware comes in the form of hidden marketing tools or various applications designed for purpose of gathering specific information about users, or data locally stored on their computers.  Most spywares posses a sinister intent, however, legitimate businesses may plant cookies, adware and hidden applications to study consumer internet surfing trends for purpose of marketing.  Regardless, the privacy of end users is undermined and their computers are often left in poorer condition after an infection had occurred.  Below are some of the possible signs of spyware on your computer:

  Commercial ads you never seen before suddenly start to pop up on your computer.  
  Your computer and applications loads noticeably slower over time even with a memory upgrade.
  You start to get emails from companies you normally would not do business with.
  Your internet connection becomes really slow at certain times of the day, even with a clean bill of health from your ISP.
  Your browser suddenly has components that you did not add.
  Internet Explorer settings suddenly changed and you cannot change it back.
  Your browsers appear “possessed” by surfing the web on its own or not letting you change a certain page.    
  Your computer becomes unusable shortly after start up and now you cannot do your job.    

Although these may be signs of something unrelated, they are typical symptoms of spyware on your computer.  The after effects of spyware infection can be annoying or disastrous, ISDefender has a wide range of solutions to detect, disable and destroy spyware handling control of your computer back to you. 

Call or email us today so we can show you ways to prevent and get rid of spyware on your corporate PCs and network.



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