Test & Monitor


The availability of an organization’s network and applications are critical for business continuity.  Like many of our customers, you may be experiencing availability issues within your network that simply cannot be ignored.  Our solutions can alert you in real time and in some cases before you have an outage. Our systems management solutions provide centralized management along with remote deployment of client side agents to help you protect your desktops within your network.

The days of sending your tech support to each site are history.  With our advanced remote administration solutions your technical team can review, diagnose and correct end user anomalies that occur on a day to day basis. 

  Above and beyond electronic security is physical security. What happens when an intruder physically achieves access to your datacenter or server farm? Our solution includes IDS/IPS to enable you to monitor, report/alert, and stop unwanted activities to ensure your servers and their data remain where they belong, in your datacenter behind your firewall.


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